Eagles and Vultures: Jacobin’s Attempts to Erase Class Struggle and Attack Chairman Gonzalo

By the Struggle Sessions Editorial Board Within a week of the murder of Chairman Gonzalo by the Peruvian state, while class-conscious workers across the world immortalized him as the greatest communist of the current era, the American magazine Jacobin published a hit-piece on the Chairman that seeks to erase and nullify his leadership and legacy. [...]

Bourgeois Culture is a Cadaver, It Cannot Produce Anything New

by Cathal “During the course of the nineteenth century, the bourgeoisie, feeling with varying degrees of alarm how iniquitous and precarious was its power over the masses of the toiling people, tried to vindicate its existence by the philosophy of criticism, positivism, rationalism, pragmatism and other attempts to distort the purely materialist thought emanating from [...]

One Hundred Flowers: “Shake the Earth: On the Current Strategic Stage of the World Revolution”

We publish this submission from a reader of Struggle Sessions in the continued interests of forwarding debate in the USA on the contents and the core of Marxist doctrine, in the interests of deepening understanding of Maoism, and in the interests of imposing Maoism as the command and guide of the World Proletarian Revolution not [...]

To Be a Bright Torch for Others: On Felix Dzerzhinsky’s Prison Diary and Letters

by S Hausner To the young man pondering over his life, wondering whom to take as his model, I say— Don’t ponder, model it on Comrade Dzerzhinsky. From a poem by Mayakovsky The proletarian youth, with their usual bravery and yearning to action, should indeed follow Mayakovsky’s recommendation here and model their lives on Felix [...]