All About that Base? No struggle?

“The basic question of every revolution is that of state power. Unless this question is understood, there can be no intelligent participation in the revolution, not to speak of guidance of the revolution.” – VI Lenin, The Dual Power   Marxist Center, and especially its supporters in the Seattle area and to a lesser extent Philadelphia [...]


Abuse Merriam-Webster defines “abuse” as, a corrupt practice or custom (the buying of votes and other election abuses) improper or excessive use or treatment; misuse (drug abuse) language that condemns or vilifies usually unjustly, intemperately, and angrily (verbal abuse, a term of abuse) physical maltreatment (child abuse, sexual abuse) (Source 1) For the purposes of [...]

To Robert Williams

As part of our ongoing observance of Black August, we present a poem from revolutionary China which was written in solidarity with the black national liberation struggles in the USA.   Your country is so broad and vast, Yet it does not allow your footprints. Beautiful is your native town, But there you may not dwell. [...]