Eagles and Vultures: Jacobin’s Attempts to Erase Class Struggle and Attack Chairman Gonzalo

By the Struggle Sessions Editorial Board Within a week of the murder of Chairman Gonzalo by the Peruvian state, while class-conscious workers across the world immortalized him as the greatest communist of the current era, the American magazine Jacobin published a hit-piece on the Chairman that seeks to erase and nullify his leadership and legacy. [...]

For the New Flag

Introduction By Facundo For all students of Maoism, for all who follow the words of Chairman Gonzalo, we do ourselves a great service by studying the documents in “For the New Flag” by the Communist Party of Peru, which are presented below. Readers should take special interest in these documents because they were written after [...]

For Chairman Gonzalo Pt. 2

Editor's Note: We publish here an unofficial translation of the epitaph for Chairman Gonzalo which opens the document, found on pukainti.blogspot.com here, titled: HA MUERTO EL PRESIDENTE GONZALO ¡LA CLASE Y PUEBLOS OPRIMIDOS DEL MUNDO ESTAMOS DE LUTO Y EN PIE DE GUERRA! Eagle of eagles, old red sun, comrade, chairman, under a red sky, [...]

For Chairman Gonzalo

Author's Note: Dedicated to Chairman Gonzalo, who was assassinated after being imprisoned for 29 years on September 11, 2021, by the old Peruvian state with its intentional medical neglect and slow and steady torture. Chairman Gonzalo was the head of the red line of the International Communist Movement and the Great Leader of the Communist [...]