For a Plate of Lentils

In further commemoration of the Day of Heroism, we provide an improved translation of a poem of José Valdivia Dominguez, named Jovaldo, who was murdered in the Shining Trenches of Combat in El Frónton on 6, 19, 1986, Originally posted here. FOR A PLATE OF LENTILS By Jovaldo I might be in the minority find me behind [...]

Day of Heroism

Three Documents on the Day of Heroism  On June 19th, 1986 in Peru, 135 men of Lurigancho, 115 of El Fronton, and two women prisoners of Callao were killed. And many more were disappeared. The death tolls are less remembered than the heroic, fierce, and unrelenting resistance to the state-sponsored genocide carried out by the [...]

A Poem For Mao Zedong

By Roque Dalton Mao Zedong led Marxism-Leninism until its last consequences at least in a fundamental aspect: the one to build the worker-Peasant Alliance in the bosom of the people's war and take the power this way. following Lenin, defined the people, placed the classes and social layers that formed the people and thus located [...]