My Soviet Passport

We are posting this poem by the celebrated revolutionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky to celebrate the art of class struggle. This poem was written in 1929, it is vivid and energetic and a good example of proletarian art and culture. We encourage our readers to suggest poems or submit their own work.  I'd tear like a [...]


In honor of the 32nd Anniversary of the Day of Heroism in Peru, honoring the immortal Partido Comunista del Perú martyrs of the prison massacres of June 19, 1986 Cockroach i was a cockroach inside the prison walls of lurigancho on june 19, 1986 i was small and ugly, crawling from grey brick to grey brick, [...]

Ghosts Along the Capitalist Road

(Read by Lee Hanbyul) Revisionism and Communism Looking At Capitalist Restoration Historically, And To the Future Edited 7/31/20 Today we live in an age without the revolutionary USSR and China, global base areas for aiding and supporting revolutionary movements both materially but more importantly, ideologically. The counter-revolutionary capitalist forces within their respective Communist parties and [...]