There Is No Civil War Ahead

Struggle Sessions Editorial Board There are comrades, nationally and internationally, who raise concerns about a Civil War approaching in the US. We believe these views to be unfounded, and in some cases a bi-product of spending too much time on the Internet and digesting the bourgeois news uncritically. It is necessary to approach problems with [...]

Open Letter to the Former National Network of FTP Organizations and Its Supporters

Struggle Sessions Editorial Board Open Letter to the Former National Network of FTP Organizations and Their Supporters Struggle Sessions has issued articles detailing our criticism of the ideology and working methods of the falsified “Maoist” organization “MCP-OC” and at no point do we intend to neglect this fact of history. Our fundamental opposition is to [...]

New Years Statement 2021

Struggle Sessions Editorial Board The current situation in the world and in the US What characterized 2020? Great uprisings and rebellions of the masses of the world, shaking the old order’s faith in their vicious “social peace”, where now they talk about the explosiveness of the masses and dream impossible dreams of blood, drowning that [...]

Some Comments on the Document “On Maoism Itself” of the RCP of Canada

We have produced the following unofficial translation of this document in the interest of developing two-line struggle internationally. We reserve various disagreements with the following document from the Ecuadorian comrades, particularly the use of “Gonzalo Thought” which in our view is not interchangeable with the contributions of universal validity of Chairman Gonzalo. However, we find [...]

Rats in the street

By Facundo Rompehuevos   they scrawl his name on the walls as they mourn and fight and cry   plywood covers up commodities and blood that demand taxes police, military, security guards   rodents gather at intersections forcing crying protesters to kneel before the paper-authority of capital pointing out and turning over those who cry [...]

The Sophistry of MCG

  By Tiburcio As of recent, Maoist Communist Group (MCG) has once again taken it upon themselves to respond to Struggle Sessions previous response, “A Quick Reply To MCG,” through their Twitter platform only to distort the content, delivery, and political line of Struggle Sessions and the movement we support. While we initially dealt with [...]

On the Seattle “Commune”

We consider the current junction to be more akin to the May 4th Movement than we do comparable to Russia in 1905 or 1917 and we raise our objection to his comparison. Nonetheless we find the video informative and believe it raises strong points, we hope to encourage our readers to check it out.