To Be a Bright Torch for Others: On Felix Dzerzhinsky’s Prison Diary and Letters

by S Hausner To the young man pondering over his life, wondering whom to take as his model, I say— Don’t ponder, model it on Comrade Dzerzhinsky. From a poem by Mayakovsky The proletarian youth, with their usual bravery and yearning to action, should indeed follow Mayakovsky’s recommendation here and model their lives on Felix [...]

3 Poems by Bobby Sands, From the H-Blocks

We republish these three poems by the Irish revolutionary Bobby Sands—written under the pen-name Marcella while imprisoned in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh Prison by the British imperialists—in tribute to the Easter Uprising of 1916, when the Irish revolutionaries, under the especially esteemed and outstanding leadership of the socialist James Connolly, rose in arms against [...]

Open Letter to the Former National Network of FTP Organizations and Its Supporters

Struggle Sessions Editorial Board Open Letter to the Former National Network of FTP Organizations and Their Supporters Struggle Sessions has issued articles detailing our criticism of the ideology and working methods of the falsified “Maoist” organization “MCP-OC” and at no point do we intend to neglect this fact of history. Our fundamental opposition is to [...]

The People, In Uniform

By 3/4 dead The refined gentleman takes the stage at the stadium for his inauguration Gray hair and glasses, brimming with confident resolve “our army is the people, in uniform” he says The revisionist hens cackle in victory The “Communist Party” on the “peaceful road” the refined gentleman tells the people without uniforms that there [...]

Maoism V.s. “Maoist Third Worldism”: Responding to Criticism From a Reader

By S. Mazur The long-gone Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM), Leading Light Communist Organization (LLCO),  and the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement (RAIM) are part of a small petty bourgeois trend known as "Maoist" Third-Worldism (TWism). They contend that there is no proletariat to organize in the imperialist countries, and as so are largely abstentionists from revolutionary practice. [...]