On Maoist Education

What is the purpose of education under capitalism? When the bourgeoisie created public libraries and schools for the proletariat as a whole, they did so not out of some Christian benevolence, though they may have claimed such at times. Education under capitalism is an acculturation process for increasing the surplus value they could take from [...]

To My Unborn Child

Poem written in jail by comrade Dallas and read aloud at an International Working Women’s Day event in Austin, Texas. The reactionary state arrested the partner of comrade Dallas before March 8th and she was unable to attend the event. We post it here to rally support for their fight. #freedallas, freedallas@protonmail.com i don’t know [...]


“There is a new climate of intellectual opinion in France—a spirit of anti-Marxism and anti-Sovietism that will make it difficult to mobilize significant intellectual opposition to US policies.”- The CIA on the rise of postmodernist philosophers, from “France: Defection of the Leftist Intellectuals”   The current tendency of thought in the United States associated with, [...]


Roque Dalton was a Salvadorian revolutionary poet and martyr. We are posting this poem, as relevant as ever, because of the way “ultra-leftist” is used as a slur thrown about by revisionists. Revisionists like the ones who killed comrade Roque for holding the correct revolutionary line. Ultraleftists The pipiles who didn't understand the cross and [...]