This is a personal project of an individual survivor of the Dallas-Cult who is not affiliated with any ‘Maoist’ organizations.

I have made some aesthetic changes to reinforce the fact that this is not a resurrection of Struggle Sessions but an anti-obituary. I have also re-uploaded most the old articles (including the ones that Dallas-Kavga-Cathal took down after a spat with the editors he installed to run his blog) after receiving criticism about my decision to remove them; these and any newly uploaded cult-documents can all be found in the ‘Dogma’ section. All posts originating from the anti-cult movement will be filed in the ‘Rebellion’ section.

I just noticed that a lot of the old articles are missing. I don’t know where they are. I don’t really care to look. If someone else cares more than I do, they could find a way to extract the html of the missing articles from archive.org and send that to me and I’ll re-upload them.

I’ve added ads and a donation button to the website. Any raised money will be used to keep the site running, to support victims/survivors of the CR-CPUSA, and maybe to help me pay for the copious amounts of therapy I need after dealing with Struggle Sessions for the last two years.


Latest Posts:

Breaking From Our Men: Settler Women and Armed Struggle

Note: Another polemic from the other side of the US ‘Maoist’ movement, originally published on People’s Voice News on IWWD 2022 – coincidentally the same day when women militants in the CRCPUSA movement led the struggle against the leadership. Again, this is posted not as support for the FTP/MCP movement,…

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Against the Red Boys’ Club: A Revolutionary Woman Responds to the ‘Struggle Sessions Editorial Board’

[Editors Note:] The following essay was written in March of 2021 by a woman militant named Val who was formerly associated with the FTP/MCP(OC) network of organizations. This polemic was originally published in the mouthpiece of the FTP/MCP movement ‘People’s Voice News’. While presenting as an inter-organizational polemic, the impression…

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(Repost) Notes on the RSG Statement

Note: the following essay was published on January 30th, 2023. It criticizes some aspects of a statement I previously posted on here. We re-post this now to stimulate study and struggle. Sharing does not imply agreement or association. By Kevin Since the writing of these notes, it has come to…

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(Repost) Pigheadism: The U.S. Maoist Milieu & Their Problems

Note: This is a repost from The Late Fifi Nono. This piece was originally published in 2020 and was one of the first public pieces to expose the inner working of the Dallas-Cult, focusing on the embarrassments in Kansas City. It is believed (by me, based purely on speculation lol)…

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Two Posts on ‘Daltonite Revisionism’

Note: the following two essays were published by a former Tribune supporter going by René. They provide a slightly different viewpoint and analysis of the revisionism of the crcpusa to what we have shared hitherto. I certainly don’t agree with everything written in these pieces, but am sharing it ~for…

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(Repost) Liquidate What, Exactly?

Note: This text was published by Revolutionary Study Network on December 24th, 2022. It is the first public polemic to combat the mischaracterizations of the CI-IC piece about the situation of revolutionaries in the US. I am reposting it here because it is necessary for us to show that the…

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Jared Roark’s Letter from Prison

Note: The following is a widely circulated letter that Jared (Dallas/Ed Dalton/Kavga/Cathal) sent from prison. According to a source, this was “circulated as required reading among party members … after this letter, everyone was required to write letters to Jared. People were afraid of him and afraid of what would…

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Voices: A Militant

Note: Luke, a former activist within the Dallas-cult, submitted a criticism of Struggle Sessions on March 1st 2022, at a time when head editor Sig Hausner (Liam Swanson, also known as Connor) had already abandoned the journal and some former contributors were struggling over where to go next. This was…

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