Leap Forward

Still today the Great Leap Forward is painted in the blackest of colors. It was used by many of the originators of the restorationist line (Liu Shaoqui and Deng Xiaoping) in the People's Republic of China as the reason to return to private markets and self ownership in agricultural commodity and property relations. It was [...]


By the revolutionary Brazilian poet Vinicius de Moraes, 1962 [unoficial translation by a  reader  of Struggle Sessions]  Sirs Barons of the land Prepare your shroud Because you delight of the land And the land is of those who work As well as the fruits that it contains Sirs Barons of the land Prepare your shroud [...]

Navigating the Canadian Split

“However, among these different Parties and organizations, there are different understandings about the content of Maoism. We reaffirm that in synthesis there is no leap in the process of knowledge about Maoism by them. It is not enough to recognize that Maoism is a third stage, a correct definition of its content is necessary, without [...]

The America we hate

  Poem by 3/4 dead  it is self-inflicted obesity sucking the fat from the rest of the world it is expensive dwellings built of cheap material luxury items made to break in short order it is the rhetoric of freedom, up against the reality of America debt for the sake of being in debt indebted [...]

CPB(RF): Combat liquidationism and unite the ICM under Maoism and the People’s War About the C(M)PA critique of the Joint Declaration of 1 May 2018

Following we document the official translation of the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction) that was published shortly before May Day 2019 and has now been translated by comrades into an authorized English version: Proletarians of all countries, unite! Combat liquidationism and unite the ICM under Maoism and the People's War About the C(M)PA critique of [...]