Struggle Sessions is Dead

Note: The following announcement was published internally in March of 2022. We now post it publicly to remove ambiguity about what happened to this website. Hopefully those who consider the events of 2022 to be a ‘split’ or ‘liquidation’ within a communist movement will see them for what they truly are: the abolition of a revisionist movement and pseudo-political cult by the overwhelming majority of masses in the movement. This cult died on its own: our only claim is to have driven the nail into the coffin. -Rita

Death to Struggle Sessions​

​To comrades and former supporters of Struggle Sessions,

I am writing to announce my resignation from Struggle Sessions and with it, the dissolution of this blog. I wish I could take some credit for destroying this retched website but the truth is that Struggle Sessions was moribund long before I became involved with it. I am writing this to put the final nail in its coffin and to demonstrate my commitment to the Left in overthrowing the revisionist clique that has harmed so many of us.

I also want to deeply commend the many readers who wrote to Struggle Sessions to criticize it, who understood its contradictions better than we did. I want you all to know that even though your efforts were wasted on this revisionist website, I studied every one of your criticisms deeply and it is only because of these that I am now able to discard the dead weight and begin working towards something that actually matters. […]

I don’t think I need to detail the errors of Struggle Sessions since they are obvious to anyone who can see and hear and think. […] It’s content was completely cut off from reality, being entirely subjectivist and stereotyped. It wasn’t relevant to anyone or spoke to anyone’s concrete ideological needs. It had no connection to the people, speaking only to a tiny niche of online leftists. It promoted many backwards and revisionist lines, but even the somewhat correct articles were sterile and useless. It was amateurish and almost exclusively produced by its creator’s small group of friends.

The truth is that Struggle Sessions was never a theoretical journal or an organ that had any relationship to the proletariat but has always been the vanity blog of a revisionist and abuser [Dallas/Ed Dalton/Kavga/Cathal] and his clique of friends who thought themselves geniuses who had to bring enlightenment to the stupid masses by posting poorly written articles about the latest online controversy on a blog that no one reads. So many of us wasted our time and efforts to support Struggle Sessions because we saw what it could become, but when the origin, the leadership and the direction of something is revisionist to the core, there is nothing to salvage and the only solution is to destroy it.

I became involved with Struggle Sessions a year ago after everyone but the former head editor [Sig Hausner] had given up on it. I quickly began to criticize problems in the ‘journal’ and to propose changes to transform it into a genuine proletarian organ. These changes were accepted in word by the former head editor but rejected in practice as he dragged his feet on any positive changes. This contradiction in leadership was reflected in the public output of the website – plans for a print journal that never got completed, a call for criticism and volunteers with no follow up, a posture of humility alongside the basest arrogance and sectarianism.

I am ashamed to have to take responsibility for many of the terrible things that Struggle Sessions did last year. Having internalized the dogmatic anti-people ideology of the revisionist clique, I contributed a significant portion of that rotten screed ‘Class Struggle or Sexual Liberation?’ I reject the contents of this document entirely and self-criticize for helping promote the hateful and completely revisionist ideology of this clique. It pains me to know that I have helped spread anti-woman and generally anti-people lines while being mistreated and taken advantage of by this clique of male chauvinists, but I know that this experience will change me for the better and that my hatred and anger toward all enemies of the people and particularly the enemies of working women has only grown and deepened.

By the end of last year I had come to shoulder the burden of the entire ‘journal’ myself, not only trying to keep up with its production and communication but also struggling to develop the projects that were supposed to transform it into something better. This had such a negative impact on my mental health that I had to take a hiatus from all organizing work for my own safety. But this is nothing new: I have now heard countless stories of comrades, mainly women, who were worked to exhaustion to support these projects which ultimately served only a small group of male parasites who who sucked up the passion and love for the people we had for their own selfish gain.

In January some of the former contributors to the ‘journal’ organized a two-line struggle to determine the direction it would take. By this time the former head editor had completely abandoned us, refusing to communicate or subject himself to our criticisms. At this time I still believed that Struggle Sessions could be reformed into something good, and made many proposals for how this could be done.

However, with the heroic actions of the former members of the Tribune in destroying that organ and exposing the clique of revisionists and abusers, this ‘two-line struggle’ had already been resolved and the destiny of Struggle Sessions had already been determined: it belongs in the trash heap with every other piece of revisionist garbage.


With deep class love and class hatred,

Rita Nowak

Former Struggle Sessions Editor