Voices: A Militant

Note: Luke, a former activist within the Dallas-cult, submitted a criticism of Struggle Sessions on March 1st 2022, at a time when head editor Sig Hausner (Liam Swanson, also known as Connor) had already abandoned the journal and some former contributors were struggling over where to go next. This was just a week before the [...]

The Collapse

Note: This essay, written by a long-term member of the Red Guards/CR-CPUSA, is likely the most comprehensive account of the internals of the revisionist clique available. It was published on the Revolutionary Study Network blog, however neither I nor the author are associated with the Revolutionary Study Network. Again, sharing does not imply any agreement [...]

Death to the Revisionist Paper

Note: This document was in many ways the first call to arms against the Dallas Clique, originally signed by Tribune Support Committees across the country. The below version was edited by the Revolutionary Study Network to protect individuals' identities. Sharing does not imply endorsement or association. -Rita Attendees of IWWD Pittsburgh Hosted by Revolutionary Women's [...]