To Robert Williams

As part of our ongoing observance of Black August, we present a poem from revolutionary China which was written in solidarity with the black national liberation struggles in the USA.   Your country is so broad and vast, Yet it does not allow your footprints. Beautiful is your native town, But there you may not dwell. [...]

In Further Commemoration of Black August

"History, fortunately, dispels all doubts and clears up all ambiguities." -- Jose Carlo Mariategui. [JCM2] In our previous article, The Black August Contradiction, the history of repression and rebellion within the Black Nation is detailed. In this follow-up, we theorize the centrality of the Black Nation within the overall struggle for national liberation and socialism [...]

On Maoist Education

What is the purpose of education under capitalism? When the bourgeoisie created public libraries and schools for the proletariat as a whole, they did so not out of some Christian benevolence, though they may have claimed such at times. Education under capitalism is an acculturation process for increasing the surplus value they could take from [...]

“Maoism” From Below

On the right opportunist, revisionist, and liquidationist, theory of J. Moufawad Paul Classical Trotskyite critiques of Marxism-Leninism tend to frame themselves as an attack on “Stalinism” which is not actually a political tendency but a slur term used to void the teachings of Lenin via an attack on the leadership of Stalin (this is now [...]