Maoism in the US

Maoism in the US Article by Struggle Sessions Editorial Board “[The historical process of the people] has been cradled and advanced through revolutionary violence. It is through this violence, in its diverse forms and degrees, that our people have conquered their revindications, rights, and freedoms, since nothing fell from the sky, nor was it handed [...]

My Comrade is in Prison

A poem for Comrade Théo, locked up by the French state and on hunger strike demanding political prisoner status and his transfer to Riom prison, and in solidarity with revolutionary political prisoners, particularly Georges Ibrahim Abdallah Poem by S. Hausner Dear friend Mistral which tears and is torn I want you to know In an old [...]

A Critical Evaluation of Gramsci

by Agustín “Every more or less “new” question, every more or less unexpected and unforeseen turn of events, even though it change the basic line of development only to an insignificant degree and only for the briefest period, will always inevitably give rise to one variety of revisionism or another.” - V.I. Lenin [1]   [...]