Navigating the Canadian Split

“However, among these different Parties and organizations, there are different understandings about the content of Maoism. We reaffirm that in synthesis there is no leap in the process of knowledge about Maoism by them. It is not enough to recognize that Maoism is a third stage, a correct definition of its content is necessary, without [...]

The America we hate

  Poem by 3/4 dead  it is self-inflicted obesity sucking the fat from the rest of the world it is expensive dwellings built of cheap material luxury items made to break in short order it is the rhetoric of freedom, up against the reality of America debt for the sake of being in debt indebted [...]

On the criticism of the Communist (maoist) Party of Afghanistan to the Joint Declaration of May 1, 2018

We use the translation posted on Dem Volke Dienen which included the following note, we have made minor  edits and corrections for readability and  accuracy- Struggle Sessions Editorial Board We publish this pending translation which needs to be corrected in some points. The original document can be read here:- DVD   Central Committee of the Communist Party of [...]

May Day, forever red again!

By frh today is red because of historical necessity because blood is a collection of memories and the cries of defiance and death echoing through the halls of history today is red because the martyrs of our class spilled their blood onto the cobble-stone streets of chicago, and it cannot be covered up, not with [...]