On the Reactionary Pseudo-Intellectual Jordan Peterson and his Attempts to Link Marxism and Postmodernism

by Kavga The ravings of reactionaries generally do enough to condemn themselves and so do not require the intellectual engagement of the left, in fact deserving only direct physical and ideological confrontation. In the case of Jordan Peterson however, his hallmark tactic of attacking Marxism by conflating it with postmodernism merits some examination as this [...]

To The Front Line

by an anonymous contributor This poem is dedicated to Garrett Foster and to his wife Whitney Mitchell, who has tirelessly fought for him since his death. On July 25, 2020, active duty US Army Sergeant Daniel Perry drove into a protest for Black Lives marching in downtown Austin, where he shot and killed Garrett Foster, [...]

The Terror You Sow

By an anonymous contributor Rich man, consider for one moment how bad do you really want it? I speak of terror how badly do you want to suffer and how soon? I am convinced you are a masochist thirsty for your inevitable miserable destiny We will not disappoint you upon return after all, you have [...]

More on “Shake the Earth”

Struggle Sessions Editorial Board Since the publication of our response to the 100 Flowers submission Shake the Earth, we have received a number of emails from readers including the original author both thanking us for our intervention and offering a number of criticisms, additions, and suggestions. Following these suggestions, we want to expand on a [...]

Everyone is Remembered

Note from the poet: In commemoration of the Day of Heroism, June 19, 1986. Dedicated to the heroic prisoners of war of the three Shining Trenches of Combat of El Frontón, Lurigancho and Callao prisons. We honor the fallen heroes by upholding, defending, and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism, and the contributions of universal validity of [...]

Bourgeois Culture is a Cadaver, It Cannot Produce Anything New

by Cathal “During the course of the nineteenth century, the bourgeoisie, feeling with varying degrees of alarm how iniquitous and precarious was its power over the masses of the toiling people, tried to vindicate its existence by the philosophy of criticism, positivism, rationalism, pragmatism and other attempts to distort the purely materialist thought emanating from [...]