Rats in the street

By Facundo Rompehuevos   they scrawl his name on the walls as they mourn and fight and cry   plywood covers up commodities and blood that demand taxes police, military, security guards   rodents gather at intersections forcing crying protesters to kneel before the paper-authority of capital pointing out and turning over those who cry [...]

The Sophistry of MCG

  By Tiburcio As of recent, Maoist Communist Group (MCG) has once again taken it upon themselves to respond to Struggle Sessions previous response, “A Quick Reply To MCG,” through their Twitter platform only to distort the content, delivery, and political line of Struggle Sessions and the movement we support. While we initially dealt with [...]

On the Seattle “Commune”

We consider the current junction to be more akin to the May 4th Movement than we do comparable to Russia in 1905 or 1917 and we raise our objection to his comparison. Nonetheless we find the video informative and believe it raises strong points, we hope to encourage our readers to check it out.

Maoism V.s. “Maoist Third Worldism”: Responding to Criticism From a Reader

By S. Mazur The long-gone Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM), Leading Light Communist Organization (LLCO),  and the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement (RAIM) are part of a small petty bourgeois trend known as "Maoist" Third-Worldism (TWism). They contend that there is no proletariat to organize in the imperialist countries, and as so are largely abstentionists from revolutionary practice. [...]

Against “Postmodernism”

Today we feature a short piece from the Brazilian "Amigo Do Povo Magazine" on postmodernism. By Augusto Mazdaki Gushek In political and philosophical discussions of any kind, there is always the possibility of engaging in a debate in order to disqualify the debate itself. Philosophical agnosticism or the statement that “since we cannot access such [...]

The Unconquerable Inscription

Bertolt Brecht During the First World War In a cell of the Italian prison in San-Carlo Chock-full of deserters, marauders, tramps, A socialist soldier, with an indelible pencil, scratched on the wall: “Long live Lenin!” Written high up, near the very ceiling of the half-dark cell, those words could be hardly distinguished. But the warders [...]

A Quick Reply to MCG

By S. Mazur After publishing The Negation of Proletarian Politics, the Maoist Communist Group (MCG) replied to our criticisms here. Beyond the pretentious roleplaying of themselves as Lenin scolding an immature Nadezhdin as metaphor, they bring up dishonest allegations and arrogantly suggest that the larger living movement has a low ideological and practical level. A [...]

The Happy Face of Imperialism: Problems with the Democratic Socialists of America and why Election Boycotts are Necessary

The Happy Face of Imperialism: Problems with the Democratic Socialists of America and why Election Boycotts are Necessary By S. Mazur The “Bernie bump,” a phenomenon referring to the swelling size of Democratic Socialist of America’s (DSA) chapters and organizations in the aftermath of the 2016 elections when Vermont senator and self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” Bernie [...]

The Negation of Proletarian Politics: Notes on Maoist Communist Group’s “Four Points of Orientation”

Article by S. Mazur New York City-based Maoist Communist Group (MCG) recently published a piece entitled Four Points of Orientation On the Present Crisis which calls for “Communists” [where?] to abide by four general points informing mass work and Party “construction.” These points in fact are decent, but pompous and without any means of implementation. [...]