The Third Instrument

The Third Instrument Article by Cathal Note: These views reflect those of the author. They do not reflect the official position of any organization in the US and especially abroad and should not be taken as such.   Introduction   “Concrete political aims must be set in concrete circumstances. All things are relative, all things [...]

A Hammer To Smash The Enemy

Part 3: Maoism outside of China, class annihilation, and Party militarization Article by Kavga In this part we contend more with the theory of the sea of armed masses by looking at other tendencies within the Maoist movement outside of China, again in both their positive and negative aspects. Charu Majumdar, one of the two main fathers of Indian Maoism, once represented what is [...]

Maoism in the US

Maoism in the US Article by Struggle Sessions Editorial Board “[The historical process of the people] has been cradled and advanced through revolutionary violence. It is through this violence, in its diverse forms and degrees, that our people have conquered their revindications, rights, and freedoms, since nothing fell from the sky, nor was it handed [...]