Internal CRCPUSA Document: A Criticism of the Male Chauvinism in CR(CPUSA)

Editor’s note: Following on this website’s previous exposure of misogyny and abuse in maoist organizations, here is one of the few documents I know of that speaks of the RG-CR movement’s systemic misogyny from within the movement.

This document was written in late 2021/early 2022, as many primarily women activists were beginning to raise open struggle against the leadership of the movement.

(Most of this editorial note is second-hand information that I have stitched together from studying primary documents and from personal correspondence. Due to the environment of secrecy within the Dallas Cult, few people outside of Jared’s chosen clique had a full view of things, so there may be small inaccuracies here and there. The italicized passages are paraphrases of personal correspondence with a former cult-member)

This letter was part of the swan song of the cult. It fell shortly after this.

At the time this letter was written, the former chair of the CRCPUSA, Jared/Dallas (who was referred to as a ‘great leadership’ demanding unconditional subjection) was in prison.

The imprisoned comrade is Jared and subordinate members were not allowed to refuse orders from above, so it’s a matter of compulsion that women were forced to do childcare for no or basically no money. You might also note the disregard of the child’s well-being in this kind of environment, herself a little girl.

The politburo of the CR-CPUSA was made up of Jared’s three closest yesmen: the Chair was Chris Ledesma (Rico/David Martinez), the Second Chair was Liam Swanson (Jeremiah/Connor/Sig Hausner) and the Third Chair was Avanti/Winter (Jared’s wife).

In the years before 2022 there had been multiple attempts by women militants to raise the issue of ‘male chauvinism’ in the RG-CR movement. These were all met with silence by the highest leadership, in one case resulting in a campaign against women’s so-called ‘internalized sexism’.

There was a final meeting where the writers of this text and other activists came to raise struggle with the Politburo in Austin in the week before 3/8/22. Initially the decision was made for Avanti to be chair, but after the meeting adjourned Avanti went back on this and supported Jared being Chair again, so at this point the rebelling activists went around mobilizing everyone to get rid of the whole cult.

It’s interesting you can see the writers struggling with cult brain. They recognize and cautiously point to Jared being a leading part of the problem, esp. in the conclusion, but don’t directly call him out and also in an early section use him as a model of unsexist maleness despite him expecting women to do free childcare.

Some of the most shocking examples of sexism and abuse in the organization are not mentioned in this letter, but knowing the comrades who wrote it I don’t think that’s on them to blame, it’s more a symptom of being in a cult where they were not informed of some of the worst things (like keeping a rapist around) and where they may have been aware of things like Jared’s abuse of Avanti, a woman he groomed when she was much younger than him and an addict, this awareness was tempered by fear and coercion from cult leadership not to ever directly call out Jared. Writing this letter was very brave of them, as the long list of expulsions of rebellious women they give should tell you

Beyond exposing the clear abuses against women in these organizations, this text also serves as an inside view to the structures and processes that organized the cult. My hope is that, as a primary document that I have left unedited except for a few clarifying comments and removal of personal identities, this will corroborate the exposes of the Dallas-Cult published on this website and elsewhere.

Glossary of abbreviations and vague terms used in the text:

  • Anti-imperialist organization: organizations like Serve the People that became increasingly focused on broadly internationalist and anti-imperialist work (including anti-police activism).
  • CDCC: Cadre Development and Control Commission = in charge of keeping tabs on, investigating, and purging PE members. Kinda like secret police lol
  • Committee: The Committee to Reconstitute. Intended to be the central committee of the party-in-embryo, but in practice the CC was identical to the PE
  • FIP work: First Integration Plan. The FIP was a directive to move into labor organizing via sending people into heavy industry and logistics to integrate with workers with the goal of rooting out petty bourgeois nature of the cult.
  • EYCL: Embryonic Young Communist League
  • PE: Party Embryo. The Committee to Reconstitute was intended to become the central committee of the party
  • PEGO: Party Embryo Generated Organism
  • PPS: Political Prisoner Support
  • PWM: Popular Women’s Movement, a RG/CR-led women’s organization
  • RA: Red Aid
  • RAE: Red Army Embryo. Part of the democracy issue was that RAE members had to obey all orders from leadership, but when they were not PE members they did not know anything being discussed in the party, weren’t supposed to know who was a party member, were given no information about how to join the party, could not vote on party directives, etc.
  • “Uncles”: Chris Ledesma and Liam Swanson, close friends of Jared and co-leaders of the cult.

A Criticism of the Male Chauvinism in CR(CPUSA)

In recent months the misogyny in the Austin branch has come to a head, most recently manifesting in the mistreatment of a woman activist who was harassed and belittled due to her need for an abortion. This lead to the expulsion of two combatants. One of those combatants was a young woman who had been found guilty of misogyny and was left in leadership in the former PWM by leading male comrades despite pushback from women comrades and PWM’s membership. This ultimately caused the organization’s collapse. How is it that a severely rightist woman who had proven herself a misogynistic and incompetent leader was allowed to hold her posts and deteriorate our organization for so long while leftist women were (and continue to be) overlooked, underdeveloped, and mistreated? These instances have compounded with other issues raised regarding sexism within the movement that have been unaddressed or addressed poorly by our current leadership.

It has been a goal of the committee to bring up women into leadership positions, but the committee so far has failed to do this. There have also been shallow attempts to wage struggle against male chauvinism in the committee since 2020 with proclamations made but no true investigation or follow up conducted. We know that sexism is intrinsic in bourgeois society that exists in men and women, and we cannot thoroughly combat the sexism within the PE without organized struggle. It has been identified in the recent motion to recall the Chairman that there is an absence of two-line struggle. The lack of two-line struggle regarding male chauvinism is why it has been allowed to fester. It is because of the petite bourgeois errors and disorganization around struggling against male chauvinism that has caused the center to deteriorate.

These ongoing errors are not arbitrary, and are connected to the broader issues of leadership in the PE. It is clear from the actions across the entire organization that the task of mobilizing working women and bringing up women leadership has been shamefully neglected and held back due to the petite bourgeois individualism that has allowed sexism and male chauvinism to manifest throughout the committee.

Internal issues regarding women, male chauvinism, have been left to fester due to negligence from PE leadership

When the men are silent, it is our duty to raise our voices in behalf of our ideals.

Clara Zetkin

Women leaders should not be relegated to issues that only affect women, and their talents must be used to the benefit of the entire proletariat and its allies.

Women at the Highest Levels

We have seen male chauvinism in the form of excess amount of reproductive labor that has been pushed off on female leadership and activists in regards to the care of our imprisoned comrade’s child. Third Chair, PPS Commissioner , and RA Militant Leader have become the toddler’s main care takers both physically and financially. We hold invaluable leadership roles, therefore have high volumes of political work, and are all employed in external jobs. PPS Commisioner’s main task as a live-in caretaker makes her a full-time party worker, yet when calculating her pay she only makes 4 dollars and hour. It is important to note that the PPS Commissioner struggled for this pay increase after only receiving 250 dollars a month for nearly 6 months. This fact forced PPS Commissioner to pick up a restaurant job, working up to 16 hours a day on weekends in order to contribute money for rent and groceries due to the lack of proper compensation from the committee. This comrade being forced to work has caused hard-working women activists in RA to give up their only days off to provide unpaid childcare; their development and Red Aid’s work has been put on the back burner.

These tasks have not been adequately shared by our male comrades, many of whom work less hours and share similar workloads. Only the Austin branch lead has gone out of his way to offer support to the Third Chair and PPS Commissioner despite his many political tasks and full-time job. All male comrades besides him have not on their own accord offered efficient support if any in regards to cooking, cleaning, or have watched our imprisoned comrade’s child for more than a couple hours without the help of a woman. To worsen these facts we have multiple male comrades who this child considers her “uncles” who are fully unemployed or work only a few days a week who watch her sporadically for only a couple hours a few times a month. We ask earnestly how these comrades think they have won the title of [child]’s family?

These examples do not end with lack of support around our imprisoned comrade and his family, there is more than one instance where women militants have assumed the “bread winner” positions in their household. One woman comrade has raised struggle about her partner not sharing both household and financial duties, but this struggle was heard by male leadership and has been left unresolved. This is not the first instance where this has happened and has been an ongoing theme amongst the handling of sexism in relationships throughout the PE starting with our Third Chair and our imprisoned comrade.

The other instance of this situation is two militants relationship in the Austin branch. The women militant is guilty of liberalism, letting her partner take advantage of her tireless work even though he has been ordered by the committee to get a job and contribute to his household. After several years this has only been seriously addressed in the past couple of weeks. This relationship has gone under fire before with the Male Militant mistreating his wife and participating in an inappropriate romantic relationship with the now expelled combatant and former leader of the defunct PWM in 2020 while on a trip for the committee.

If a man can learn seriously from work, life, and actual struggles, if he can regularly sum up his thought and action in an effort to find out his deficiencies, shortcomings, and errors, if he can ruthlessly and resolutely fight against his conceit and self-satisfaction and unreservedly overcome them, it is absolutely within his powers to train himself to be a man of humility.

The Centre’s Instruction on Learning From Each Other and Overcoming Complacency and Conceit

Male leadership suffers from narrow-mindedness, subjectivism, lack of humility, and inability to take decisive action even in situations to help the women surrounding them in this movement. They may hide behind their political work, but the errors of our organization still persist. Meanwhile, women take on political work, hold the left line, take decisive action, all while balancing reproductive labor in the home and employment outside the PE.

Male leadership have often used their positions as excuses in not contributing to domestic labor. Women comrades who have often fallen naive and pushed this line on behalf of our male comrades are coming to find these excuses opportunist, sexist, and vile. We would like to place a reminder that our imprisoned comrade worked as a full-time stay at home father, ideologue, and chairman of the committee.

In general there has been a lack of follow up on issues that are of particular importance to women that have been addressed, but not followed up in national directives. One example includes the Spring/Summer Directives of 2021 on the experiences of male chauvinism. There were no report-backs of what was investigated, learned, and being addressed.

This needs to be rectified, as this issue will be ongoing and is not about existing parents within the movement– we need to be planning for future parents as well. If we do not correct our errors we can permanently damage the positive trajectory for women like the Austin Branch leaders wife, who has long had hesitation to be involved in our work, who is now participating in our work and finding her place in our movement. A concern she raised with a militant is that her husband will be so busy that she would be left with childcare responsibilities on her own. We have failed to show her that this will not happen and that our movement takes seriously collective childrearing.

Lack of planning to develop and support women leaders

There must be a strategic and unceasing plan to develop women into leaders…such a strategy cannot mean diluting the standards of what it takes to be a leader but means ensuring the necessary struggle and time is devoted for women cadre to genuinely reach these standards.

From “Women At The Highest Levels”

The PE, its PEGO’s, and EYCL are primarily made up of women. Throughout struggles spanning the history of the movement the majority of the leftists to arise have also been women comrades, yet our leadership skews male, which has been the case for years. How is PE leadership taking seriously and planning for the development of women leadership? It is evident that top leadership whether or not intentional has stifled and undervalued women revolutionaries throughout the movement.

Along with the many other issues within the PE there is a lack of practical knowledge across the organization. How are we sharing this to support not just women, but everyone in our movement? If we know that “Women being relegated to positions of reproductive labor over time puts them at an advantage in terms of organizational and logistical skills”(Women at the Highest Levels), how are we utilizing this expertise across the board and applying it where our movement needs it the most? When we undervalue our women comrades there is no way to correct the imbalance of bad organizational and logistical skills among our male comrades.

Some examples of women overlooked and mistreated by the committee:

Third Chair

The Third Chair of the Politburo, who has been a leading comrade since the birth of the movement in 2014 and arguably the most advanced leftist in the PE, has been overlooked and silenced throughout her time in the organization. There is a long history of the unprincipled mistreatment she faced under our imprisoned comrade’s leadership that was not challenged by our current leadership. She was one of the first unfortunately who bore the brunt of the ineptitude of our organization’s ability to correctly handle issues regarding sexism and racism against her in her relationship and the PE as a whole.

In recent months the support that has been organized for her has been through struggle raised by her and PPS Commissioner instead of through careful planning, and was not established by PE leadership. There is still much more that is needed to support the political prisoners’ family that is the responsibility of the PE as a whole and has been bureaucratically mismanaged.

Another specific example of this is the two line struggle that emerged around the incident with a militant engaging in an inappropriate romantic relationship with now expelled combatant and defunct PWM lead. Our current third chair held the line that the combatant was not fit to lead PWM were overlooked, this lead to the expelled combatant and former EYCLer now militant, misleading the organization into the ground. Additionally, the expelled combatants rectification involved overseeing other women’s development in the PE. There were never any reports on the expelled combatants rectification progress even though this was promised.

Political Prisoner Commissioner, former activist

In 2019, when allegations around the militant being abused occurred, this led a former PWM member to attempt to opportunistically recall her from her steering position. The handling of this by the PWM leadership at the time was to hold a trial against another activist, this lead to a 3 hour long meeting where the activist and other attendants were allowed to defend the activist and soften the mistreatment of the militant for the majority of the meeting.

This militant was was consistently overlooked and underestimated despite consistently holding left lines in organizations. A specific instance of this was the recall of defunct PWM leader and now expelled combatant A___. Even though the militant was the identified leftist and arguably the most experienced activist in the organization the line was pushed that “A___ was the only one who could lead the organization”.

The militant continued to be iced out of the committee, even though she was an eligible candidate for the EYCL she was not recruited and was stuck in a house where A___’s clique purposefully pushed her out of politics and belittled her, cutting her off in political debates, being overly clandestine about study, and asking her to do legalistic tasks for the organization while preventing her from participating in politics.

She was brought in as a caretaker of the imprisoned comrade’s child and essentially became a stay-at-home mother and was forced to raise struggle to participate in politics and raised even more struggle to be recruited into the PE.

Austin Militant

This militant has made many sacrifices before and during her time in the movement and who undoubtedly holds invaluable parts of the Committee together has been overshadowed by her partner. The militant took the great majority of the blame for the committee’s failure to support our imprisoned comrade and his family. Since the national meeting she and another woman militant have continued to shoulder this responsibility on their own. The militant has given up any plans to attend law school to spend more time on support, but it is clear that going to law school is a form of political prisoner support in itself and an invaluable task to take up for the committee. Instead of seeing the value in this militant’s past and future contributions to the movement, she has been pushed into supportive roles of leadership and this has diminished her ability to be leader herself as she has also had to shoulder being the breadwinner in her relationship, in addition to significant reproductive labor in her home and for the movement.

Austin activist

This past December, the activist was forced to take the harrowing journey to access an abortion. She was met with attacks from A___’s clique and gossip and rumor spreading from multiple militants. Her situation was handled apathetically, instead of seeing this as an opportunity to care for the masses and bring her in politically to help politicize and help other women, she was attacked and her situation was treated as an inconvenience to the bureaucratic lives of these militants and combatants. Without two women militants raising struggle around this issue it is likely that this situation would have gone unnoticed.

Austin activist

A leftist in the defunct PWM, the activist went against the tide in the organization and raised criticism against rightist leadership on their bureaucratic working methods and refusal to organize working women. This was met with attacks from leadership, claiming she was ignorant and knew nothing about Marxism and that she was in fact the rightist pull in the organization. Although this situation had some intervention, it was not enough. Very little effort was put in to rekindling the relationship with the activist and now she has rightfully left our movement.

Austin former activist, Functionary

Now a functionary for the committee, she is a proven trusted and incredibly capable comrade for many years. She is one of the most organized and detail-oriented comrades in the movement, which can be seen in both her work in militias and PEGOs. She is also charismatic and caring, showing immense love and dedication to the masses which is a trait that many unfortunately lack. She has been overshadowed and iced out by her militant partner and her development and recruitment in the committee has been sluggish and careless. Since the birth of her child her political development has for the most part been abandoned. Where she has proven herself capable of developing into a strong leader, he has proven to be an arrogant and often and incapable leader. A specific example of his poor leadership can be seen in his FIP work where he claimed his workplace of being unfit to organize based on the fact that there were no pockets in their work uniforms to store fliers.

Austin Supporter

This Austin Supporter has long been neglected by the movement and is an example of our failure to think collectively regarding how build relationships with the partners– primarily female partners– in the movement who are not actively participating. Because she was not completely won over to the ideology, she was disregarded for years as someone to get to know or involve in our work, which reveals a pattern of liberalism and failure to struggle for unity across our movement. The supporter was diagnosed with cancer in 2020, right before the start of the pandemic. Her husband , a militant, organized some support for her, but it took him raising the issue, and any support that was given was meager. Throughout the year, the militant was ordered to attend events and large gatherings including the May Uprisings at their most combative, even though his wife who was battling cancer had concerns about him contracting COVID (which he did later on that year). No attempt was made to discuss the issue with the supporter or attempt to win her over– her husband instead held line on his own. This commandist approach is not how we win the people over and shows a disregard for a woman in a particularly ill and vulnerable state. Even though these errors occurred, she has become involved in the work within the past year because of the increase of women in the movement, which has not always been the case.

Austin Combatant

Combatant is another woman who was diagnosed with serious illness who has been disregarded by leadership. Before her illness, Combatant A was one of the most physically capable on the ground, and because she is no longer in a place to do that work, her value has been diminished by leadership and has since been overloaded with tasks. Throughout the years of her struggling with illness, the response from the PE has not been to mobilize to support her and provide consistent follow up, but instead saddle her with more responsibilities that she has been physically incapable of completing. Multiple women militants brought up the issues regarding combatant’s workload, but it was shut down by leadership and the Austin branch lead. How we treat our comrades reflects how we treat the masses– this complete disregard for the combatant who continues to struggle with illness is unacceptable. The Combatant has raised the issue of the difficulty in not being able to have other older women to connect with in our movement. The experience and viewpoint of more adult women would be invaluable to have in our young movement, the mistreatment of the women in our movement reflects on our inability to serve working women of all ages.

Austin Functionary

An investigation regarding the functionary accusation of abuse against her partner took two months to come to a conclusion.The militant overseeing the investigation submitted an inadequate report after conducting the investigation. The militant provided no analysis of the situation and summarized the issues in the relationship to liberalism, unprincipled unity, and destructive behavior completely overlooking the serious allegation of abuse made by the functionary. Regardless of the truth of the accusations, our committee should be equipped to investigate and address these issues swiftly. Taking a sluggish and bureaucratic approach to this is demoralizing to women in our movement. We cannot understate how demoralizing our actions regarding male chauvinism are to women. The CDCC Manual on Conspiratorial Work identifies that “the reactionary state relies upon mainly and by its own admission on disaffected and demoralized Communists, especially those disillusioned with leadership…” to destroy the movement. The state already opportunistically uses the large number of young women in our movement as a weapon against us. We raise this not in application to this comrade specifically, but because we should see not taking male chauvinism seriously as a security risk as well.

LA Activist

This activist from LA has been iced out of the movement despite her commitment and dedication to it. Her political development has been ignored by leading comrades in LA, seeing her as neurotic, and an incapable leader. We can identify the lack of political development of this activist is directly tied to her romantic relationship to a leading militant in the city. In a previous report, leading militant reported on the division of labor within the house, excusing him from the majority of chores in the house due to his involvement with the movement. We cite the report submitted by leading militant to expose the male chauvinism, “Militant, former EYCLer, and an Activist have made agreements in the household for dividing up the chores and studying. Out of all three, the militant does the least. The militant first proposed this because he wasn’t getting home until late and had to wake up early for work. Whereas the ECYLer wasn’t going to work regularly, if at all, and the activist wasn’t doing weekly political work. Therefore, it was agreed that in order to accommodate the militant responsibilities to the movement, he would do less chores. All three comrades defend this decision because it isn’t based on male favoritism but rather because they see the Militant’s work as in turn helping the movement and the people by extension. Secondly, they know it is temporary and that they as women in the movement will be politically developed and may even rise to leadership, thus having to revisit the household chore agreements. Here, the proletarian line is to base the household work on the person’s current conditions. The bourgeois line is egalitarianism, disregarding concrete conditions.”

Former San Diego activist, Militant

During this militant’s time in southern California, she was an activist at the time. The LA branch oversaw her activist work, but neglected her development. During her time in San Diego, the LA branch let her move in with an activist who had been previously accused of sexually harassing other women activists. They ignored this activist past and let her move in with this militant, without warning her of the activist’s past. This came to a head two months after the activist and militant moved in together. LA activists went to San Diego to try to deal with the situation, but other than telling the activist she had to move out nothing was done. The branch did not even self criticize for allowing this situation to occur.

The committee’s attempts to rectify male chauvinism so far

Women’s Committees:

For quite some time the Hunan provincial Party committee made no attempt at investigation and study and issued a spate of subjectivist directives to the lower levels, ramming many things down their throats while getting little factual information in return, and thus alienating itself from the masses and bringing tremendous difficulties upon itself

Strive to Learn from Each Other and Don’t Stick the Beaten Track and Be Complacent

Women’s Committees have been the proposed solution to the defunct PWM and sexism throughout the organization. From our perspective as women in the Austin branch we believe this solution to be shallow and far from adequate in combating male chauvinism or to organize working women. The plan for Women’s Committees was developed with no investigation regarding the actual internal issues facing the PE and disconnected from the struggles of working women as a whole. This is due to the committee’s lack of political line, bad leadership, and incapacity to intervene on the internal sexism throughout the movement. This is a previous trend from the defunct PWM. These issues continue to persist because we have not addressed the root error– namely petite bourgeois individualism.

The Austin Women’s Committee (and the WC nationally) lacks focus, structure, and political leadership to continue operating in how it was directed to launch. There are two separate goals of the WC: 1) political education and study regarding the women’s question 2) supporting struggles oriented towards working women, with one or the other goal being emphasized at a specific time. This might be fine for an organization of multiple people, but in Austin there is one militant selected who has been directed to do both, left to rely on women from other organizations who already have other responsibilities to initiate this work.

The militant who is currently leading the Austin WC was part of the defunct PWM clique that revolved around the recently expelled combatant. She has shown to struggle with disorganization and inability to correctly orient toward working women, but the faults do not lie entirely with her, she is a young and very new militant and has been given a wide range of responsibilities with a lack of prioritization or leadership. She has been directed to plan and execute more events leading up to International Working Women’s Day than the defunct PWM was ordered to do. Neither of these goals are being achieved successfully or substantively.

The creation of the WC is a superficial answer that does not address the ongoing issue of the failure to orient towards working women. This effort is an attempt to save face and does nothing to address the substantive issues that caused the dissolution of PWM. It also does nothing to address internal issues of developing women leaders within the PE and broader movement.

From the Austin September directives:

MFP will be dissolved first although the Women’s Committees will survive it and continue to do the work of connecting women within the movement and conducting political education. “

From the July 2021 national directives:

There are questions regarding what type of organizing the Women’s Committees should start to engage with. We call for patience on this and not rushing into struggles. We have seen that without strong, effective, and dedicated leadership, the women’s work, like other trenches, will suffer.

As noted in the FIP section, Women’s Committees can be seeking ways to link up with existing struggles, especially to link the auxiliary to the principal trench of workplace struggles. But this should be done with a sober understanding of capacity and where energy lies—i.e. implementing the mass line to ensure that work is done with the masses’ involvement and participation, to ensure we aren’t just sending small sects to give nominal support.”

While the July national directive begins with the topic of study, it elaborates more so on long-term work regarding supporting existing struggles. To an extent these directives contradict each other. Should the WC be focused on existing women in the movement and political education? Or supporting existing mass work? If there is little infrastructure in either of these arenas to begin with, how is one militant supposed to initiate both? It is not impossible, but there has been a lack of planning and leadership. Now, the Austin militant is supposed to carry out the plans and objectives for IWWD with little groundwork laid out.

While we cannot speak for other cities, the current structure of the Women’s Committees have been set up to fail in order to accomplish either of these things effectively.

More from the July 2021 National Directives:

Additionally, Austin will also have a women’s committee, but it will not operate as PWM-MFP has. It will develop more slowly and more intentionally. We have seen that without strong, effective, and dedicated leadership, the women’s work, like other trenches, will suffer.”

For certain this work is slower. But it is not intentional. The directives focus on the importance to conduct studies regarding postmodernism and the nonbinary issue, but there was also never follow up from the Spring/Summer 2021 directives based on the instruction to struggle and send in lines regarding these topics, or work conducted to ensure these studies have occurred. This, in addition to stronger guidance in how to carry out these struggles, is necessary. As of now, this struggle has yet to be conducted movement-wide through the WC, at least in Austin.

Political education:

This brings us to the many issues regarding political education. Our bad class orientation has left us to focus solely on political education for petite bourgeois professionals and student women. While we understand the importance of combating gender metaphysics and know well that its main purpose is to liquidate the women’s question, the our PE’s solution to this is bringing petite bourgeois women to fight for the struggles of the deepest and broadest masses. The majority of proletariat women have no time to engage in the decadence of postmodernism and they themselves are the ones that will win over well-meaning petite bourgeois postmodernists in struggle. From the way postmodernism is combated throughout the committee, specifically through women’s organizations, it clear that many comrades view these issues separately rather than dialectically.

Due to the lack of correct political orientation studies are conducted haphazardly. A theme of the defunct PWM was being thoughtless and directionless, jumping from one women’s issue to another without follow-through or even understanding of the issue. The abortion study was mostly successful but required intervention from another militant to guide the leading WC militant on basic things like logistics and scheduling. The Tribune study was disorganized and lacked any coherent political line or overall thesis and objective regarding the purpose of the study. It was oriented towards petite bourgeois activists familiar with Maoist terminology but completely disconnected from the realities of working women in the proletarian neighborhood it was held in. Does this sound familiar? Why should we allow the repetition of past errors this early on?

The Women’s Committee still does not coherently involve all women in the movement– namely the older and more experienced comrades and mothers. They have only managed to connect with an odd subsection of women, who are now less organized and focused. There has also not been strong enough direction that men should be participating in Women’s Committees studies in order to learn and better understand women’s struggles, which is evidence in the lack of participation of the Tribune study from any of the primarily male members of the Austin SC. In general, the Women’s Committee is not positioned to be able to handle addressing issues of male chauvinism, yet there is an assumed impression that this is a place these issues can be discussed, without enough emphasis being placed on men’s participation.

Supporting existing working women’s struggles:

The WC in Austin has not linked up with existing struggles in an effective way except attempting to mobilize the floundering embryonic anti-imperialist organization in Austin which is struggling already with direction. It has been suggested that the WC should support the federal prison campaign with childcare, which is fine, but not sufficient enough of a reason to justify the existence of this committee which currently has 1 “member” not participating in other organizations. How is this not “sending small sects to give nominal support” which our national directives claim the Women’s Committee should not do?

The Political Prisoner Support Commissioner directed to Red Aid to initiate Family Support Groups at […] — and working with the couple of women in the movement who maintained positive connections at this location who knew of women who had family members in federal prison. By taking up a trench abandoned by PWM, this is a positive, anti-sectarian approach that does more to rectify past errors, build trust with the people, and effectively implement the mass line. This does more than send small sects to give nominal support. We should consider seriously how we are dividing up our forces in order to not fail the people in this area again.

Criticism of Austin Q1 goals:

Abortion action follow up:

While there was some success in connecting the abortion study to combative action, we cannot just abandon this issue as a one-time thing. An Austin militant takes responsibility as someone who has pushed the study and work around abortion, but is raising the issue to leadership considering […] there is no guidance from leadership on how to approach the issue of abortion, which is effectively illegal in Texas, and will be ruled illegal in other states around the country later on this year. If women are not in leadership positions to effectively guide the planning of this work, we will continue to approach it in a disjointed manner.

With limited capacity, how can we maintain a presence to truly mobilize working women to defend abortion? We must investigate the issue and goals should be set. How do we push this combative action against known reactionary enemies that are comfortably settled in Austin? How do we not abandon this trench of struggle that so clearly gives us an opportunity to demarcate revolutionaries from the toothless, spineless NGO’s who collect their salaries and enjoy comfortable lives off the backs of women who are now forced to travel multiple days out of state to obtain an abortion or otherwise risk a legal repercussions or health complications?

It seems to be a question again of class orientation, why are we not connecting with women who have gone through the painstaking journey out of Texas to receive abortions? Why is there no talk of mutual aid within the womens committee around this issue? Instead, we attempt to mobilize a very small sect of petite bourgeois women without making connections in committees. Without correct orientation our PEGO’s will fail. Hasn’t this been proven time and time and time again?

Setting a relaunch of PWM without clear, measurable goals:

In April, the Austin Branch Lead set a goal to “plan for PWM relaunch.” Why would we take the perfunctory approach of relaunching an organization that failed because of leadership’s sluggishness and indifference towards working women without defining what would justify restarting this organization?

We need measurable goals set for militants to track– events, relationships, issues investigated– to evaluate before we even revisit the idea of a relaunch.

This shows again an inadequate care for the development of women organizations by the male leadership which oversees them.


It is evident that there are severe and thorough-going issues in regards to male chauvinism in the Committee to Reconstitute the Communist Party of the USA and this cannot be disregarded. We believe these errors have gone unresolved because the male leadership is currently incapable of addressing the root of the issue, which is in the beginning stages of being uprooted with the motion to recall our current Chairman.

There is a third kind [of conceit] which flourishes in backward conditions. Some people take pride in being backward, because they think ‘Our work is not all that good, but it is better than in the past…’

The Centre’s Instruction on Learning From Each Other and Overcoming Complacency and Conceit.

Some of this complacency may stem from the feeling that past errors have been “overcome,” but we raise struggle to reveal that male chauvinism was only ever addressed in form but not in essence.

We see that the rightist errors made by the Politburo are in correlation to the male chauvinism that festers in our organization. It is also worth noting that many of the errors we are bringing forward occurred before our current Chairman took over. We are raising struggle to dig deeper into parts of this error that we continue to not have clarity on. We do not find it to be coincidental that our previous historical leadership [Jared Roark] surrounded himself with men who affirmed his leadership, yet they are now being exposed for rightists. We do not bring this forth to diminish his leadership but to call into question how his own ego has affected the male chauvinism in the highest levels of leadership. Through this struggle, light is beginning to be shed on errors that have gone unaddressed either by the dismissive attitudes of male leadership or our own internalized sexism.

Without correct class orientation and the guidance of older and experienced women comrades overseeing women’s work as a whole, and allowing women comrades to take a direct hand in organizing struggle against male chauvinism within the PE, we cannot begin to rectify these errors.


Our proposal is the dissolution of Women’s Committees as formed and an immediate start to a Women’s Commission within the PE that will work with the CDCC to conduct struggle against male chauvinism throughout the organization and provide guidance and intervention for developing women’s struggles in mass work that soberly assesses how this is addressed in current PEGO’s and where perhaps this work can be developed more organically outside the PEGO’s.

This commission we are proposing will be lead by the comrades raising this issue. This is due to fact that this militant has the most practical experience around organizing women through Red Aid and the Political Prisoner Commissioner has been the most vocal against sexism in the movement. We have also been the main comrades to organize domestic labor and collective childcare within the organization.

The commission will work with one woman delegate from all cities and they will report and receive guidance on internal struggles throughout the organization. This commission will also be responsible for developing political lines of women’s oriented struggles and will have a a direct hand and oversight in the the development of women comrades nationally.

The Women’s Commission will have the power to make calls and interventions in the personal lives of comrades when it comes to imbalance of domestic/reproductive labor and other manifestations of sexism within households.

We also use this proposal to motion that we nominate the Third Chair to become Chair of the PE.

If we are serious about upholding the left line, we must acknowledge our leadership of the most developed Maoist in our movement since the imprisonment of our comrade. This has always undeniably been the Third Chair. She has always been deserving of more support than she has been given, and should not be used as an excuse to deny her the ability to lead the PE. Our movement is in critical condition. We need to dramatically restructure how the Center operates, and we will see the benefit of the Third Chair;s leadership in overseeing the work. This should have always been the case, but we push for her leadership to demand change once and for all.

The motion to recall the Chair clearly states that she was the one who pushed forth the motion to recall. While we do support that the RAE Political Commissar is a leftist, she is the guiding leftist. She pushed forth the line and acknowledged the reality of the state of the PE, therefore, she should be the one in command of rectifying these errors.

The third Chair is the most capable to identify potential leftists, fostering the political development of not just those closest to her but also activists who have been ignored by the rest of the movement. She is the most able to inspire and rally those around her, confront liberalism and revisionism, and push the left line.

Passivity in our current leadership has led to the delayed expulsion of bad elements– the Third Chair has held the left line and pushed for the necessary purging of those causing extreme harm to the committee. She is unafraid to take decisive, swift action, and this is exactly what the PE needs. She is well equipped to combat putchism and restore patient work within the PE and throughout the movement.

She has made strides in recent years to overcome personal struggles to achieve higher levels of discipline. Leadership observes her disorganization in form but not in essence– not viewing the personal discipline she has imposed while experiencing significant challenges in her life. We do not need a Chair who is going to get bogged down by details or tasks like our current Chair. We need leadership that can take an honest assessment of our forces and organize and reorient them effectively. For too long our male leadership has had a subjective and idealistic perspective– afraid to make drastic changes to how our PE has operated before our imprisoned comrade went in. They have not taken a material assessment of our forces to make necessary changes and adjust to current conditions– instead keeping us frozen in time because of the ultra-democracy identified in current leadership.

We need to understand the treatment of our comrade under the racism and sexism that is intrinsic in bourgeois society that we need to confront. Any instability she has had to endure is because of the double oppression she faces as a Black woman. We should not see these things as weaknesses, but a strength that connects her to the deepest and broadest masses. She experiences what the masses have. She has been arrested while pregnant and forced to go through her pregnancy on an ankle monitor, she has been repeatedly harassed by the state with her child in hand, she has faced extreme hardships unmatched by any other in the movement. She and our imprisoned comrade have faced the greatest amount of repression but she still holds strong and maintains her revolutionary optimism, keeping politics in command.

We have full faith in her ability to root out past errors, to truly rectify the male chauvinism that has festered in this movement, and revive the committee to achieve its goal– for glorious Communism.

We call on all those who unite with this proposal to vote for the Third Chair to serve as Chairwoman.




For Communism!

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