The People, In Uniform

The People, In Uniform

By 3/4 dead

The refined gentleman takes the stage
at the stadium for his inauguration
Gray hair and glasses, brimming with confident resolve
“our army is the people, in uniform” he says

The revisionist hens cackle in victory
The “Communist Party” on the “peaceful road”
the refined gentleman tells the people
without uniforms
that there will be no arming of them,
he says they will be protected by the people in uniform

Hundreds of wolves assemble
appointed by the refined gentleman
and then the “Communist Party” disapproves
of the left gestures the refined gentleman provides
He says the people are to form committees
to keep the wolves loyal
this is too much for the “Communist Party”

This spectacle does not conclude with the inauguration speech
both the “Communist Party” and the refined gentleman
keep saying the same thing for three years
in this time the wolves perfecting their blood lust

On September 11th the revisionists are still cackling
so self-affirmed in their “peaceful road”
with full confidence
in the people, in uniform

The very same stadium is packed again,
not with cheering crowds
not for an inauguration this time,
but with  gaunt bodies deprived of food and sunlight
covered in piss and open wounds
Inflicted by the people, in uniform

The revisionists the world  over are still celebrating the inauguration
of their toppled leader, still affirming their “peaceful road”
now drenched in the blood of the people
and the wolves feasted on the lives of artists, intellectuals, labor leaders
revolutionaries  and revisionists alike

They broke the fingers of a guitarist
and insisted he play
they have but illustrated the principles of revisionism
with the horror inflicted, in the very same stadium three years later

The resolve of the revisionists is exposed as delusion
but the resolve of the people is infinite
and blinding

The refined gentleman is dead
discarded on his “peaceful road”
but the heart of Recabarren beats louder still
and the communist leader lives forever
in the struggles to reconstitute his glorious Party
it will wipe away the hens and the wolves alike
relying on the people, without uniforms
we can hear them saying:


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