The America we hate


americawehatetxtPoem by 3/4 dead 

it is self-inflicted obesity
sucking the fat from the rest of the world
it is expensive dwellings built of cheap material
luxury items made to break in short order
it is the rhetoric of freedom, up against the reality of America

debt for the sake of being in debt
indebted from the womb which is now state property
worshiping the art of non-confrontation from a perch of anxiety
it is being homesick on the verge of  homelessness
it is all  13 stripes and  all 50 stars suffocating the horizon

it is  the world’s number one gendarme
the world’s main consumer of drugs by a long shot
smartphones, smart cars, and poor public education
we weep what they sew
it is a Clinton-Trump variety of “options” hung around our necks like stocks

it is being told consistently
that any and all expressions of rebellion are

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