November Announcement: Call for Letters and Volunteers

By the Struggle Sessions Editorial Board

Friends and readers of the Struggle Sessions Journal,

The first edition of the Struggle Sessions print journal will be ready for pre-order by the end of this month, and we will begin shipping the first edition soon afterwards. This will come with a simple web store to order the print editions and to purchase a subscription to the journal, which we intend to release as a quarterly publication.

As we transition from an internet blog to a Maoist journal in the full sense of the term, we wish to forge closer ties with the working masses—this means broadening our readership among the masses, better engaging with the readers of the journal as well as deepening our work so that it handles better the burning questions of the proletariat in the United States. To accomplish this task, the editorial board is taking steps to correct the relative isolation and parochialism which has restricted our ability to reach the masses and speak to their needs in the past. This isolation has fostered a lack of professionalism and narrow editorial scope, and holds back the journal’s capacity to be a theoretical weapon in the hands of the proletariat, an unacceptable position for a project seeking to uphold, defend, and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Mistakes should be quickly corrected and work done to avoid repeating them.

As a first concrete step in our rectification campaign, we are issuing a broad call for criticism and letters. We call on our readers and friends of the journal to write to us with any and all criticisms of our work, as well as with questions—whether brought up from your studies and experiences or questions of elaboration or disagreement with any position put forward by articles in the journal. We will try to respond to every email sent in, and may publish illustrative contributions on the blog as a more regular Letter to the Editor column. Without regular interaction with our readers, including hearing their ideas, questions, and especially criticism when we make mistakes, we cannot improve the work of our journal to serve the US proletariat. Struggle Sessions has developed a reputation for being unreachable and arrogant toward our readers, and we wish to correct this through practice.

As a second step, we are issuing a broad call for volunteers. We need volunteers to help with all stages of production, including submissions of essays, poetry, literature and art; editing; graphic design and so on. On top of this, we are seeking volunteers to represent the journal and to report on the questions and ideas existing among the masses in their local areas. With the release of the first print journal, we will also seek sales representatives to distribute the journal among workers and activists. Please contact the journal to inquire further.

Conditions are excellent, and the subjective level of American revolutionaries must be raised to match the objective conditions for revolution. This is the burning task facing us and we willfully dedicate ourselves to our part in it.

With revolutionary optimism,

The Struggle Sessions Editorial Board