The Terror You Sow

By an anonymous contributor

Rich man, consider for one moment
how bad do you really want it? 
I speak of terror
how badly do you want to suffer and how soon?

I am convinced you are a masochist
thirsty for your inevitable miserable destiny
We will not disappoint you upon return
after all, you have invested in it more that we

We workers make no apology for it 
when our day comes, we will carry it out
as efficiently as we load your boxes onto your trucks
as hotly as we smelt your fine ore 

But you decide, right now rich man
how do you want us to come for you in the end? 
You have a choice now but will not later
because we are coming for everything 

It is up to you, shall we come with axes? Sharp or dull knives? 
Will we buy you out or schedule your liquidation? 
A firing squad or reformed through labor? 
Choose for yourself; not with words but with deeds

Because we are keeping a tally of everything
registering every single debt and insult
you owe us and we will collect 
because we are inevitable, and we are your doom

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