Announcing Struggle Sessions Patreon

Struggle Sessions Editorial Board

With our New Years 2021 Statement, we committed ourselves to the task of professionalizing our journal, turning it over time from a small theoretical blog into a vibrant and more and more professional theoretical journal. To that end, the Editorial Board has set itself the task of reorganizing its structure and solidifying its commitments.

With class pride and willful dedication, we reaffirm our position as the theoretical journal in the USA dedicated to upholding, defending, and creatively applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, with the contributions of universal validity of Chairman Gonzalo to the particular conditions of the USA. We stated in our New Years 2021 address that we wish our journal to be a weapon in the hands of revolutionaries in the USA, and in that spirit we seek to sharpen that weapon, make it as sure and capable as possible.

Thus, we are pleased to announce the roll-out of the Struggle Sessions Patreon page, an online venue which allows supporters to donate to the journal on a recurring basis and which will function—for the time being—as a subscription service for the journal. In the future, we will create a subscription service which functions entirely through our existing website and which is thus more streamlined and cost-effective.

Before the year’s end, we hope to publish the first two print editions of Struggle Sessions, editions which will include articles, artwork, and poetry unique to the print publication. We will continue to post articles on the Struggle Sessions blog, without any purchase or subscription necessary.

In this way we hope to shore up active engagement with and support for the journal and more and more increase the journal’s capacity regarding print publication, distribution, the drafting, reviewing, and publishing of articles and other written materials, and active and full-time engagement in the project from its Editorial Board and circles of supporters.

Those who subscribe or donate to the journal can be assured that they are contributing to a living project, one which continues to struggle to uphold and impose the left line in these turbulent times.

The New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution surges onward, gathering strength, while world reaction is beset by trouble after trouble; the signs are everywhere, especially in the Storm Center of the World Proletarian Revolution which is the third world, the nations oppressed by imperialism, which bear the strategically-determinate, overwhelming weight of the masses. Storm clouds are gathering and the situation is good, including here in the USA, in the heart of imperialism. The New Great Wave is one of those special storms where the light shines through, and in the midst of great devastation of every type, genocide, and economic crisis, the world takes on a beautiful golden hue, beyond the imagination of any idealist philosopher or theologian artist. However, capitalism does not dig its own grave; rather, it produces its own gravediggers.

Thus would-be revolutionaries cannot give in to the allure of spontaneity, which would mean, in the end, giving in to the bourgeoisie. The thing is to bring politics to the workers, to impose organization on disorganization, and to impose proletarian politics on bourgeois politics.

The thing is for the revolutionaries to take up Maoism, to better and better define its contents and sharpen its application to the particular conditions in which we find ourselves—highlighting that the principle contradiction in the US is the one between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat—and thus to elevate theory and practice more and more in that eternal dialectical spiral upward, towards the inevitable and ever-shining goal of communism.

You can visit our Patreon page here. There will still be regularly-published articles available on the blog and accessible to all, and all the articles currently on the blog will remain accessible there, as well.

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