New Years Statement 2021

Struggle Sessions Editorial Board

The current situation in the world and in the US

What characterized 2020? Great uprisings and rebellions of the masses of the world, shaking the old order’s faith in their vicious “social peace”, where now they talk about the explosiveness of the masses and dream impossible dreams of blood, drowning that explosiveness in the people’s blood. The deepening economic crisis which the servants of imperialism falsely proclaim as overcome, wringing their hands, and the global health crisis of Covid which deepens and complicates the economic crisis. In the midst of this, greater and sharper collusion and contention of the imperialists pressed ahead by the convulsing imperialist superpower USA which faces trouble around the world, a farcical election desperate to legitimize the illegitimate, which put into power a new reactionary administrator of the imperialist state, already unmasked before the people of the USA and of the world as an enemy.

The uprisings in the USA, the pittance of their “relief funds”, the pending explosiveness of the housing situation, the slaughter of the masses wielding Covid as a weapon added to the other biological and literal weapons deployed against the people the world over, especially in the third world or backwards countries which contain the weight of the masses – in Latin America especially the tumultuous last few years only portend greater storms, earth-shattering events; the situation is favorable to revolutionaries.

All this underscores the truth that revolution is the main trend in the world today. What is the task then? We know it is to defend, uphold, and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism today in our concrete conditions as the sole command of the world revolution, to constitute or reconstitute the militarized Communist Parties and then initiate or develop the people’s wars as the conditions demand: that is the call of Chairman Gonzalo and it rings true. Anyone who dares to look will see the situation is good, will see the thundering continuation of the people’s wars in Peru, India, Turkey, and the Philippines which are the strategic levers of Maoism’s triumph in the world context.

In this situation the Editorial Board of Struggle Sessions re-affirms its commitment to pushing forward the two-line struggle within the context of the USA specifically, offering its modest publication power to the left line, combating on the intellectual and cultural terrain the influences of revisionism, opportunism, postmodernism, and other reactionaries ideas with which the imperialists trick and deceive, which become “common-sense”, the common-sense of fools. The “Culture Wars” are desperate maneuverings by the ruling class and their lackeys and they attempt to paint Marxism with the colors of the ruling class, to negate the historic, transcendental role of the US proletariat which is the vast majority and weight of the US masses, and to occlude the proletariat’s vision of the primary contradiction in the world today, which is between the imperialist countries and the countries oppressed by imperialism the latter of which contain the overwhelming weight of the masses of the world. In the US, the tricks occlude the vision of the primary contradiction here being between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.

Again, the situation is good but we must not relax our vigilance and fall for the distortions and tricks of the agents of imperialism on this front, as with any front.

The task of Struggle Sessions

We take up our post against all sorts of incorrect ideas generated within the context of the class struggle which serve the ruling class and which harm the proletariat in its struggle, old tricks wrapped in gaudy new packaging: that disorganization is a virtue and organization is “authoritarian” or “anti-liberation”, that revisionism is novelty and creative—or even “scientific”(!)–development while Marxism is stale and doctrinaire, that we should be pessimistic, dejected, anti-social, or occult.

Such is the rotten state of bourgeois culture in the imperialist countries, meanwhile the proletariat raises its own, new culture and its arguments are written by their deeds during the May Uprising, the Movement for Black Lives, reaching new heights because opportunism can only traffic in the interests of the masses temporarily—their days are numbered—and meanwhile also the growing combativity of the workers, the growing number of strikes, walkouts, which cannot be contained by the yellow unions or the bourgeois state and which serve as a powerful force for dispelling the sinister anti-proletarian clouds, distortions of the ruling class.

On the other hand, there is no revolutionary practice without revolutionary theory, and the crystallization of proletarian leadership via organization is key; a bowing down to the church of spontaneity strips the proletariat of their greatest weapon in the fight against the ruling class—the Party—and the sinister clouds can be seen for instance in the liquidationist influence of bourgeois ideas on the Uprisings. The General Political Line of the PCP teaches us that revisionism and opportunism are a dangerous cancer which exists everywhere, including among the very masses themselves.

In 2020 we put forward articles which delineated Maoism from revisionism, which sought to be of some utility to the forces fighting for the reconstitution of the Communist Party, the primary task of revolutionaries in the US today, and of some utility in answering the burning questions presented by the mass movement, of the absolute necessity to link the struggle for the people’s rights to the struggle for the conquest of Power, around the all-important question of the Party which is the axis of everything.

Through all this, the path is to define, defend, and creatively apply Maoism amid changing conditions which Struggle Sessions takes up through its interventions, understanding that to take up the ideology of the proletariat means to enact it in the real world.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism today, is a unitary whole with its concrete applications to the particular situation; it is the ideology of the proletariat, based in invincible doctrine and all-powerful because it is true, engaged in changing the world, a spiral process of opening up and developing upward while all other ideologies slouch towards their grave serving one master after another. In this context, the struggle for Maoism centers around the struggle to uphold, defend, and apply the contributions of universal validity of Chairman Gonzalo, who raised the thesis of Maoism as the new, third, and highest stage of the ideology of the proletariat, synthesizing the great achievements of Chairman Mao in all 3 components of Marxism—Marxist philosophy, the basis and core, political economy, and scientific socialism—and whose Thought gives us the burning people’s war in Peru which rages to this day under his great leadership. Sinister faux-intellectuals and rats attempt to distort and mislead on this point; as is always the case Marxism does not proceed one step in its development without struggle.

The situation here, too, is good: as a case in point look to the establishment of The Communist International (The CI-IC), the international Marxist-Leninist-Maoist internet review, a beacon of intellectual clarity and invaluable resource for revolutionaries here in the US as elsewhere.

Particular Changes to the Journal Ahead

In this process our journal has played a modest role, and has taken up its post with pride and commitment, but we have suffered from amateurism, lack of attentiveness. We issue our New Years 2021 Statement in this context as a “re-boot” with a new head editor and a commitment to turn 2021 into a year of expansion and development of the journal’s capacities: we will resume publication shortly after the New Year along a new model with a “paywall” needed to access longer-form articles including some, not all, of the old content which has been made unavailable recently, with forthcoming shorter articles still free to access on the journal’s blog site.

This change is to raise funds for improving the site and the journal’s functioning in general, opening the possibility for regular print publications, increasing our readership and reach and thus taking up our post more fully in the intellectual struggle for Maoism.

We maintain our commitment to furthering the two line struggle to impose the left on the right and thus crush the right, and will continue in 2021 the “100 Flowers” section of the journal, soliciting, reviewing, and publishing pieces from outside the official viewpoints of the Editorial Board in service to the two line struggle and clash of ideas.

Make the ideas real, ideas come from reality: study, apply, challenge, and go against the current. We thank our readers for their continued engagement with this project and implore you to take the lines, ideas, and studies into the world, factories, streets, and neighborhoods where they are not stale and dubious intellectual exercises but weapons in our eager hands; living, breathing things given life by and giving life to the glorious struggle!

January, 2021

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