Rats in the street

Rats in the street text in center-1

By Facundo Rompehuevos

they scrawl his name on the walls
as they mourn and fight and cry


plywood covers up commodities
and blood that demand taxes
police, military, security guards


rodents gather at intersections
forcing crying protesters to kneel
before the paper-authority of capital
pointing out and turning over those
who cry too loud, who won’t beg
for performance or mercy


have you ever walked the streets
of hollywood with imperialist sentry
guarding souvenir shops and banks?


have you ever seen rats walking
on two feet, unable to hide in between
men and women, leading like
condescending saviors pretending
not to lead?


have you ever seen screaming rats
speaking softly to the cops, saying
you see that one right there, yea
that’s him, get him, he’s too loud
cries too much, fights too much
we don’t trust him, thank you officer
have a good day, and then shake hands
and embrace?


walking, screaming rats who gnaw
at the ankles of the masses


it’s a strange time to be alive
among monsters and men


there is no contradiction to the rat
that creates his nest and guards it
with slogans and cardboard signs


but the tide is rising and soon it will
sweep away and drown them all


there is no punishment worse
than being a rat allowed to breathe
while good men and women can’t.

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