My Comrade is in Prison


A poem for Comrade Théo, locked up by the French state and on hunger strike demanding political prisoner status and his transfer to Riom prison, and in solidarity with revolutionary political prisoners, particularly Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

Poem by S. Hausner

Dear friend
Mistral which tears
and is torn
I want you to know
In an old place
forces gather          for you
Tear and is torn
What is it      reaction

Night of the black night
Blood, spleen
We will draw back an arrow for you

My heart       sweet red beet
one day
Now a hole filled with what
light you strike
The masses tremble, clamor
My heart is heavy
has meaning in creating a new world
And in the west I look east
fearing nothing

Water is wretched and flows
We will put an end to the petty misery!
The enemy is desperate

This, the hard core of the earth
which moves, overcomes itself
limited like all things

My friend, it’s fine it’s fine
Who says it’s terrible
because when I spoke
of your arrest to my fellow worker
he said         One thing
I do not fear
is death

I said oppose counter-revolutionary violence
with revolutionary violence
Our blood spilled gathers in the roots

The blood is come
There are birds in flight
birds resting            like all things

In a quiet place
I think of you
We draw back an arrow for you
The stage of politics
The servant
The organization
The masses

What is out of my chest
I must protect

A dark spot and the light
which illuminates it
For us humans, condemned, beautiful




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