May Day, forever red again!

maydayforever txt

By frh

today is red because of historical necessity
because blood is a collection of memories
and the cries of defiance and death
echoing through the halls of history

today is red because the martyrs of our
class spilled their blood onto the cobble-stone
streets of chicago, and it cannot be covered
up, not with the grey, brittle stones of
revisionism or the scum and dirt of the
other decrepit enemies of our class

our class, the proletariat, that has generated
great heroes and leaders, combatants, militants
and cadres, a bravery so unmatched that we
dare to challenge death itself, “to snatch the
laurels of victory from the clutches of death”

today is red and retaken from the imperialist
snakes who have turned a day of revolution
into a day of police-permitted parades, as
the proletariat is exploited, raped, evicted,

today is red because of the rays that stretch
across the world, generated by our red
sun, setting ablaze all-round the world,
the spark reignited in the ayacucho heart of

what a privilege it is to be condemned!

what a privilege it is that we have shed
our names, our faces, our petty distractions!

what a privilege it is that we have adopted
the democratic-centralist discipline of the
Party in embryo, that grows every day
stronger, nurtured from the attacks by our
rabid enemies who lash out senselessly
desperately, like a petulant child

what a privilege that we have marked the
great slogan onto our hearts,

“¡dar la vida por el Partido y la revolución!”
“to give our life to the Party and the

we are like the children of the red sun, inheritors
of the initiators of the new great wave of
world proletarian revolution, inheritors of the
defenders of the people and the great
proletariat, and it grows red like freshly-forged
steel, like fallen ambers upon the plains and in
the jungles, like the heights of the flames that
consume the old world, purifying the ground
for the new world to be born, and our class will
celebrate with bombs and fireworks and cheers,
that we have retaken everything after having
nothing, and the old, dying state, will be set
ablaze around us, warming us with the tall
flames of great hammers and sickles

this is our day, may day, forever red again
permanent with guaranteed victory, so raise up
your red flags, raise up your arms and your fists
this is how we will celebrate the new world, the
new power, and communism

long live may day!
long live international workers’ day!
long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism,
principally Maoism!

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