Roque Dalton was a Salvadorian revolutionary poet and martyr. We are posting this poem, as relevant as ever, because of the way “ultra-leftist” is used as a slur thrown about by revisionists. Revisionists like the ones who killed comrade Roque for holding the correct revolutionary line. Ultraleftists The pipiles who didn't understand the cross and [...]

Así mueren los enemigos de la clase

Lucanamarca 1983 and revolutionary violence   “Even quite progressive people said, ‘Though terrible, it is inevitable in a revolution.’ In short, nobody could altogether deny the word ‘terrible.’ . . . The fact is that the great peasant masses have risen to fulfil their historic mission and that the forces of rural democracy have risen [...]

Interrogating Social-Media

Some thoughts on social media I was recently turned on to “communist” twitter, while I had been appalled and disgusted by “left –book” for some time I had not encountered the living hell that is left-twitter, upon investigating it and the bizarre interactions that take place there, I was confronted with how hysterical this would [...]

The October Revolution as Protracted Peoples War

We are hosting this guest article to stimulate and encourage discussion and debate on PPW in capitalist countries. We generally uphold most of the points in this document. Criticism and responses should be emailed to strugglesessions@protonmail.com and we will forward them to the author.  The October Revolution as Protracted Peoples War Fundamentally the task in [...]