Roque Dalton was a Salvadorian revolutionary poet and martyr. We are posting this poem, as relevant as ever, because of the way “ultra-leftist” is used as a slur thrown about by revisionists. Revisionists like the ones who killed comrade Roque for holding the correct revolutionary line. Ultraleftists The pipiles who didn't understand the cross and [...]

Así mueren los enemigos de la clase

Lucanamarca 1983 and revolutionary violence   “Even quite progressive people said, ‘Though terrible, it is inevitable in a revolution.’ In short, nobody could altogether deny the word ‘terrible.’ . . . The fact is that the great peasant masses have risen to fulfil their historic mission and that the forces of rural democracy have risen [...]

Interrogating Social-Media

(Read by Lee Hanbyul) Some thoughts on social media I was recently turned on to “communist” twitter, while I had been appalled and disgusted by “left –book” for some time I had not encountered the living hell that is left-twitter, upon investigating it and the bizarre interactions that take place there, I was confronted with [...]