The October Revolution as Protracted Peoples War [RETRACTED]

The following article has  been fully retracted, instead, we leave this  self-critical note: 

It has been brought to our attn. that “Yitzhak Raikhman”, the pen name of the author who wrote this guest article was none other than the documented wrecker, opportunist, and bad element, Samual J. Erbs. Erbs has been known to us for a long time, and we strongly discourage association with him for any reason. We do not wish to distribute or give any space at all to his words.  While it is impossible to know the backgrounds and identities of all guest writers, we are ashamed to have given any space to Erbs and are glad to correct this mistake. Please read the link for more information on the bad element. 


We are hosting this guest article to stimulate and encourage discussion and debate on PPW in capitalist countries. We generally uphold most of the points in this document. Criticism and responses should be emailed to and we will forward them to the author. 




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