In honor of the 32nd Anniversary of the Day of Heroism in Peru, honoring the immortal Partido Comunista del Perú martyrs of the prison massacres of June 19, 1986


i was a cockroach inside
the prison walls of lurigancho
on june 19, 1986

i was small and ugly, crawling
from grey brick to grey brick,
careful not to be seen,
avoiding a death ultimately
impossible to avoid

as i would later be reminded of

i was a cockroach trapped
behind brick and mortar walls
where hundreds of prisoners
shared space and history and
old dark and violent dreams

i too dreamt but only as
a spectator, in admiration

on june 19, 1986 our collective
dreaming ended when the
armed beasts of the state
descended on us like samael
bringing death to rebels
arrogant enough to move
mountains and light the hoz y
martillo on them and cast down
the angel-beasts of the

and i was there in a crack in the
wall, peering out, in trembling
awe, seeing all 124 of their
brown, indian faces – and i
couldn’t stop shaking because
of their absence of doubt and
fear, their brown eyes piercing
out at the descending
angel-beasts of death who in
their stupidity dispatched by the
redundancy of the treacherous
revisionism of alan garcia were
convinced they could stop the
thundering torrents of
invincibility and inevitability

the decrepit angel-beasts of the
rotting paradise of corpses will
be drowned in a sea of the
blood of our transformed
martyrs, made heroes, made
history, made immortal

Poem by Facundo Rompehuevos

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